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Red Extra Long Tie Solid Color Ties Mens Neckties

This extra long solid red tie is for the big and tall guys.

100% Satin finished, poly

This extra long tie measures in at approximately 62 inches long.

Our red solid colored neckties have proven popular with schools, choirs, sports teams, embroiderers and individuals looking for a basic tie at a discounted price. Sporting a luxurious satin finish with just the right amount of sheen, our solid red 3 and 7/8 inch necktie features a full lining to provide superior body & feel to the necktie, allowing it to make excellent knots and last for years of service.
SKU: M400-1

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Romario Manzini

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Solid red ties are available in many different shapes, shades and styles.

Color & Material
This red tie is a bright shade of red. The material is satin finished with a medium amount of sheen, which means it does have some shine, which creates variation in the exact shade/brightness that is shown at any given moment, depending on the amount, type and angle of the light hitting the tie. If the exact shade of this necktie is a concern, please read our color matching section to help.

This red tie is extra long and is scaled to match the current fashion trends, when worn by a big and tall guy. This means that this extra long tie has a traditional tie shape and would look great with a jacket or without.

Size of tie
The width of this extra long tie is approximately 3.75 inch inches right before the tip, which keeps the tie looking like a standard size tie. The tie is approximately 62 inches long, which is standard extra long adult length and should fit most slightly larger / taller than average guys, depending on their build.

This tie, along with 99% of the ties currently on the market are marked Dry Clean Only. Please do not machine wash it, as chances are it will never be the same again. If the tie will be worn in a environment where it will be regularly be subject to stains (such as wait staff), we suggest for added longevity using an anti-stain spray such as Scotchgard. Brighter ties when worn in conditions where they become very damp or completely wet, like all bright color garments, may run.



SKU M400-1
Color Red
Width 3.75 Inches
Length 62 Inches
Material Satin Poly
Manufacturer Romario Manzini


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Color Matching

Color matching solid color neckties can often be a challenge. Below you'll find a compilation of tie matching guidelines and tips that we have put together to help. The bottom line is that despite our best efforts at making sure the colors you seen on your screen are accurate, there is still no substitute to seeing the actual fabric in person. If you are still left concerned about a color, please give us a call - we'd be happy to help!

The colors on your screen - We've put a lot of effort in making sure our pictures match our products as accurately as possible. We color match each tie on our in house computer screens until it is an exact match. That said, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the colors you are seeing are the same. Due to variations in technology, brands and settings of computer monitors and mobile devices, the colors you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product and should only be considered a guide.

Color Names - Unfortunately identical color names do not necessary mean your colors will match. Each designer or brand has their own special cocktail dye mix for creating their various colors and is free to name them whatever they want. Dress designers in particular, do this so that you have to buy all of your accessories from them. Unfortunately it often makes matching ties super challenging. If your dress supplier is dying other accessories, we do offer blank white ties which can be dyed to match.

Material - Our solid color ties are satin finished and like all satin finished items, the exact brightness that is displayed at any given moment varies greatly depending on the amount, type and angle of the lighting, adding yet another variable. We try to provide multiple pictures in hopes of showing all of the ranges of color that can be seen on the tie, please remember different display devices can display these shades differently.

Dye Lots - Yes! Ties have dye lots, which can sometimes make for extremely small differences in the shades of our ties. When ordering multiple ties from us on one order, we will always send ties from the same dye lot. That said, we ship out a lot of ties - if you order again from us in a few weeks, it is possible you might get ties from a different dye lot. Chances it won't be noticeable, but if you want to play it safe order all of your ties at once and we will make sure they are all exactly the same.

Matching formal dresses - for weddings, proms and other events. When the ties arrive, the best way to check the match is not to lay one of the ties over the dress as you might expect - that will just show how different they are - don't do that!. Lay one of the dresses on a bed or couch, then put together an outfit of what the groomsmen or your date would be wearing right next to it. Slip the tie into the outfit, then step back a few yards and take a look. That is the closest most people will be seeing the couple and it will help you by seeing the match from that perspective. Most dress manufacturers make up their own cocktail colors, ones that might not be made by any other company, to ensure you purchase all of your accessories through them. Unfortunately, they often forget men's ties. Following the above tips will often help you find the closest matching tie for your needs.

If the color you purchase is not the correct shade, or if you need the ties in a rush and order multiple colors, we offer an easy 30 day return/exchange policy.

Do you need matching ties and accessories in different sizes or styles? All related items listed on this page will be an exact match to this item.